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Jenny Lynn Metevia, M.Ed.
Spiritual Teacher, Clairvoyant Medium,
Past Life Regression Specialist

Education in Spirituality, Energy, & the Supernatural

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"Dear One,


Let it be said that you are the shining light of the Divine.
Let it be known in your eyes,

in your mouth,

in your hands,
in your feet.

Walk Sacredly,

as you are the Divine."


 Since childhood Jenny has had the second sight, has nurtured her relationships with the spirit world and sharpened her sensitivities to energy in order to fulfill her sense of mission to “help the children of the stars.”  Jenny firmly believes in the healing power of God's grace and love through prayer and action.

 Through education, healing and communication with our angelic guides and loved ones on the other side, Jenny helps pierce the veil to allow guidance and Divine grace to be more accessible for her clients.  Her goal is to teach those who seek spiritual education, heal those who seek healing from grief/loss and to reunite lost souls and seekers with the Source.


Bio:  Jenny is a Spiritual Teacher, Clairvoyant Medium, and Past Life Regression Specialist.  Born with the second-sight, Jenny has been a professional Teacher and Medium for many years and has assisted hundreds of clients across the U.S., in Europe and South America.  Trained intensively with Dr. Brian Weiss (as seen on Oprah), author of Many Lives, Many Masters, in Past Life Regression Therapy.  Attended and completed private seminars with renowned psychic, Sylvia Browne (as seen on Larry King Live) on Psychic Development, Healing and Past Lives and received Hypnosis Training with Sylvia Browne’s Society of Novus Spiritus.  Holding a Master’s degree in Education, Jenny continues her mission to help others, through teaching, healing and providing private consultations, connecting people with lost loved ones.  Jenny is also a regular guest on WBZ Radio's Jordan Rich Show.







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New Guided Meditation CD
Interview on 'Signs from the Other Side'
by Jordan Rich of WBZ News Radio
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